Mother and daughter with something in common: they want to be rid of their glasses!

29 May 2014

Patrizia is 60. After a lifetime of teaching, retirement beckons. No regrets for the students, registers, homework correction, and interrogations she will leave behind, but she does have one very specific plan in mind: to finally take care of herself! She joins Pilates classes to get back into shape, and she buys herself a new pair of glasses from Dr. Pinelli, with which to see things in a more vivid, clearer, more intimate light. Just like her eyes, which after so many years of 4-dioptre myopia and 2.00 astigmatism, now look straight at you, bright and lively.

She made up her mind when her daughter Paola finally resolved to do away with glasses and contact lenses altogether, and go in for a swift and painless operation with Dr Pinelli. Graduation at the Bocconi happened in the blink of an eye, but the many hours spent poring over books left their mark: 7-dioptre myopia and 2.00 astigmatism.

Her new job, first in Paris and then in New York, was rich and rewarding, but the end of her day invariably found her feeling enervated by the constant need to remove her contacts and put her glasses on, only to then put them away and put her contacts back in.

After her operation, however, gala dinners and air-travel were no longer an issue for her.

Here she is, speaking with Dr. Pinelli during a check-up.