Refractive surgery and sports, a winning combination!

5 December 2014

Here below is a new story of a happy patient who recently underwent refractive microsurgery.

Andrea Cranchi, a professional in the field of automated welding of mechanical parts for transducers (used to measure pressure), has been wearing glasses since he was 13: 4 annoying dioptres of short-sightedness.

As he is a young and dynamic can, in recent years he had more than once thought of undergoing surgery to eliminate the eye condition, though many people he knew recommended still waiting some time, so that the condition would finally stabilise. This means he postponed his good intentions more than once.

On 13th March, Mr. Cranchi finally decided to go to a specialist visit and entrust his eyesight in the expert, kind and reliable care of SERI and Dr. Roberto Pinelli. The objective was immediately clear: regaining a sharp and performing eyesight to be able to do sports freely and happily, without having to use annoying external aid such as eyeglasses and contact lenses.

The visit showed straight away that Andrea was a perfect candidate for refractive surgery via bilaterial ASA X-tra.

It goes without saying that the patient was happy and being a very keen cyclist and gym enthusiast, he was starting to see a new life soon on his way, an even more active one with fewer inconveniences.

Now that some time has passed, this is what Mr. Cranchi says about his experience:

“I can finally experience the happiness of seeing the world with my own eyes without the aid of “external tools”… I go to the gym and I’m an amateur cyclist. As I have never been able to wear contact lenses, doing sports without glasses is incredibly comfortable!… No more glasses in the way during sports and without glasses going to the gym is completely different!… I would recommend it to everyone!”