74 years young

30 January 2015

Giuseppina Marcucci is an attractive 74-year old Milanese lady who has known Dr. Roberto Pinelli and his innovative techniques since she was 60. In fact, as early as 2002 Giuseppina entrusted her vision to the skilled hands of Dr. Pinelli to correct 2.5 dioptres of hypermetropia associated with 0.50 dioptres of astigmatism. At the time, she never could have imagined that her presbyopia – which naturally affected her, being over the age of 45 – could also be corrected. Therefore, she did not ask Roberto Pinelli to correct her presbyopia, which required her to use reading glasses. Her requirement and wish at the time was to get rid of the glasses and contact lenses that she found so bothersome.

Today, 13 years later, Mrs. Marcucci no longer wears glasses to see far away, having corrected her astigmatism and hypermetropia, but what makes her even more pleased is the fact that since 2002 she has no longer needed to put on her reading glasses to use her cell phone or glimpse through the menu at the restaurant.

Giuseppina says: The years have gone by, but I still have perfect eyesight. Many people see me without glasses and ask me how this is possible. I don’t know what happened to my eyes, but I do know that not having to use glasses and contact lenses makes me feel young and full of energy!”

In 2002 the LASIK technique that made it possible to correct all of Giuseppina’s vision defects was already the result of theresearch that Dr. Pinelli had conducted on presbyopia, which led to the development of the current Pinelli Presby-Curvea painless and bilateral procedure, internationally-patented, which uses excimer laser to resolve all vision defects with two drops of anaesthetic eye-drops and allows you to get back to your everyday life the day after the procedure.

This is what we call true freedom from glasses and contact lenses, thanks to an anti-aging technique for your eyes!