Free at last!

15 February 2015

Paola is a young woman of 27, married and the mother of a beautiful 15-month-old baby called Filippo. She has always had moderate-to-high myopia (four dioptres) with approximately two dioptres of astigmatism, she therefore decided recently to undergo an operation using the Lasik technique.

Six years ago, Paola’s husband Mattia underwent the same operation using the Lasik technique with Dr Pinelli to correct six dioptres of myopia, and has been enjoying the benefits of the operation ever since. It was therefore a natural step for Paola to enthusiastically entrust herself to the care of Dr Roberto Pinelli and the staff at SERI Lugano, the Switzerland Eye Research Institute situated on the enchanting Riva Paradiso on Lake Lugano.

In her daily life, Paola works in an office and she is therefore constantly exposed to computers and monitors which fatigue her eyes and prevent her from making prolonged use of contact lenses. She therefore felt the need to do away with external aids such as contact lenses and those tiresome glasses altogether.

As she herself says: “I was unable to do anything without glasses or contact lenses, and I was not even able to wear them for long stretches of time because of the irritation and fatigue that usually accompanies this kind of aid.”

Today, thanks to the Lasik operation to correct myopia and astigmatism, Paola no longer needs to worry about putting on glasses and is finally free to enjoy all the beauty around her – especially her gorgeous boy – without filters or aids.

The operation involved the application of the LASIK technique, which Dr Pinelli has been practising for over 20 years. Following an in-depth process of research and development by Dr Pinelli and his team, however, the procedure has recently benefited from significant new developments, including for instance the latest generation of surgical tools which allow perfect lens centring and the creation of ever thinner flaps, with all the benefits this affords the patient. Years of research on excimer lasers and their applications in eye surgery resulting in a completely trauma-free operation that is fast, painless and effective.

With Thin Flap LASIK, correcting myopia and being able immediately to enjoy clarity of vision is no longer a mirage!