Two brothers-in-law, two operations two weeks apart

3 December 2015
The common denominator in this story seems to be the number 2.
Two brothers-in-law, who are also two great friends.
Piergiuseppe Giannini is 67 and lives in Rho. His unabiding passions are fishing and DIY. Affected as he was by hypermetropia, and having developed far-sightedness over the years, he wore progressive glasses, but he complained about the blurriness they caused him when his eyes shifted from the upper part of the lens, which enabled him to look into the distance, to the lower part, the graded D–segment of the lens that should have allowed him to read and use his cell phone without discomfort.
His progressive glasses were in fact causing him a sensation of blurriness in certain situations, for example when needing to see a step clearly to avoid tripping on it before bringing it into focus.  But what irked him the most was not being able to see well when he was busy with his beloved fishing: he constantly needed to put on and take off his glasses.
Piergiuseppe underwent treatment on both eyes with Dr Pinelli (at SERI Lugano operations are always bilateral), and was therefore able to correct two visual impairments with a single non-surgical operation.
Two weeks later, his brother-in-law, Guido Alessandria, seeing how satisfied his friend and relative was, decided to undergo Only Laser Lasik, the same operation as Piergiuseppe’s. A non-surgical procedure that uses only smart photons to brush the eye, Only Laser Lasik is the gentlest and safest technique available today, making for an extremely safe and precise procedure.
Like Piergiuseppe, Guido had two visual impairments: hypermetropia and far-sightedness.
Guido lives in Cornaredo in the province of Milan, and is 66 years old. He is an athlete, a tennis coach: “having one pair of glasses for close-up and one for distances had become intolerable. And when I was playing tennis, the glasses I used to for hypermetropia moved around on my nose and often fell on the ground right in the middle of a match. A disaster!”
He arrived in Lugano on the day of the operation in the company of Piergiuseppe. He was very calm, just like Piergiuseppe two weeks earlier.
Guido: “dammit, we have known each other and been friends for an entire lifetime! We could not have decided to do something so important and so wonderful like this together.
Piergiuseppe: “we are so happy that now my wife, Guido’s sister, wants to do the operation too. And so she will be operated on by Dr Pinelli as well, in December.
Here they are depicted with Dr Pinelli moments after Guido’s Femto Lasik X–tra.
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