Never say never!

15 December 2015
Maria Cony Benz is a beautiful lady. Her regal visage and bearing make you feel at once that you are in the presence of a queen. Her elegance speaks of her profession: she is a fashion designer.  Born in Brazil, she has lived in Switzerland for many years, and she has devoted much of her life to volunteer work.
Cony underwent a cataract operation to one eye at another facility sometime ago, and during that operation she received a mono-focal lens implant, with the result that she had eliminated the opacity of the lens, the cataract, but unfortunately not the need for glasses.
Cony wanted to be rid of her glasses, so she turned to SERI Lugano and Dr Pinelli. There was an immediate feeling of trust between them, and together they agreed upon a treatment plan to address Cony’s needs and accommodate her requests.
A few weeks later, Dr Pinelli carried out a multi-focal refractive lensectomy on the eye that had not yet received surgery. Cony today lives without glasses and she is very satisfied.
“I never thought it possible to achieve my dream. I had been told that I would have to wear glasses anyway. Then I heard about Dr Pinelli from a friend who had had to wear two different types of glasses, one for driving and one for reading, and her enthusiasm was infectious. I wanted to meet this doctor–artist, and I still haven’t finished thanking my friend! I don’t wear glasses any more, of any kind, in any circumstance. Isn’t it wonderful?”