A Valentine’s gift: Pinelli Presby Profile®

8 January 2016

She first came to the Institute perhaps more out of curiosity than real need. She had heard about the Switzerland Eye Research Institute and Dr Pinelli during a gala evening that takes place every year in Palazzo Mantegazza.

There were in fact no major concerns – we might even say none at all. Manuela could see perfectly well at a distance and wasn’t too bad at close range either, even though she did sometimes need to move a text away from her eyes to bring the letters into sharper focus.

After a few months, however, Manuela returned complaining that her incipient discomfort while reading was getting worse, and although it was still tolerable, she was aware that in order to see a menu clearly or to answer a message on her cellphone, she would have to to put on a pair of reading glasses. And this she just could not accept.

She therefore asked if she was eligible for the intervention devised by Dr Pinelli and which she had in the meantime heard about from other acquaintances who had undergone the Pinelli Presby Profile®.

The eligibility consultation in fact showed a simple hyperopic astigmatism, a mild defect which, given Manuela’s exceptional capacity of visual accommodation, had not even manifested as a visual impairment. But it was the presbyopia that bothered her, and she felt almost guilty at the thought of undergoing an operation to resolve a difficulty that couldn’t really be considered a problem.

It was her husband who helped her through her quandary. On Valentine’s Day he gifted her the operation along with a magnificent bunch of red roses. And so it was decided: Dr Pinelli operated on Manuela in June 2014.

“It is now more than a year since I had my operation and I am even happier now than before. I never knew where I had put my glasses, and when I was out and about I was continuously putting them on and taking them off depending on what I had to look at. A real bind. I remember that day as a wonderful gift, and not only because I received an exceptional present from my husband. It was a beautiful day, and I always recall it with pleasure. I was not concerned, I felt relaxed in the hands of an expert such as Dr Pinelli and surrounded by such competent and reassuring people. The operation took only a few minutes and in no way was I in any discomfort. I had both eyes operated on at the same time and so my eyesight was excellent immediately. Once I got up from bed I could already see the clock and the cellphone very clearly, and the following day at the check-up I was extremely happy!”

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