The joy of going about one’s day without glasses

25 February 2016

Silvia Zaniboni from Castiglione delle Stiviere is a young office worker who is passionate about Latin-American dancing and pilates, and who turned up at SERI last year with a condition of myopia.

Silvia had six dioptres of myopia and her condition was particularly uncomfortable when she went dancing or played sport. She was fed up with the restrictions of constantly having to wear glasses and she wanted to find a definitive solution for her condition.

After meeting Dr Roberto Pinelli and the staff of SERI Lugano, Silvia had a detailed diagnostic examination, and in October 2015 she underwent a bilateral Femtolasik treatment with excellent results.

Now, some months later, Silvia is enjoying being able to get up in the morning without the risk of tripping over something, taking a shower without hindrance and going to the spa and being able to see what’s going on; but above all she is finally enjoying pursuing her interests without restraint.

“Thank you Dr Pinelli! Since the operation I have had an extra gear in everything I do! And in a few months I will get married… It will be wonderful to go to the altar without glasses!”

Find out how to definitively resolve the defect of myopia.