Better and better

23 March 2016

Andrea Fogli is a young man who was first treated by Dr Pinelli in 2013. He had been suffering from keratoconus for a long time when he finally underwent osmotic transepithelial corneal cross-linking in both eyes. After the surgery, Andrea was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief with regard to the progression of the disease.

Dr Pinelli kept me under strict observation to make sure that my specific perception was borne out by external examination. The progression of my keratoconus was stopped, and just months after my first treatment with transepithelial cross-linking in July 2013, the word ‘transplant’, which had been my bête noire, no longer spooked me.

Andrea is a pharmacy student, and every time he comes to Seri in Lugano he is accompanied by his wonderful parents, who work alongside him every day in their herbalist’s shop, “La Betulla Bianca”, at n.10 Piazzale Martesana in Milan. Andrea was aware that the accelerated treatment with ParaCel®, an osmotic formula patented by Dr Pinelli and later purchased by the US multinational Avedro, was designed to penetrate the cornea without removing the outermost layer, the epithelium. The outcome is no more pain during or after the treatment, the procedure may be repeated without risk and a disease with a normally rapid progression becomes a chronic condition that can be managed over time so as to avert the need for corneal transplant.  Andrea Fogli decided upon a second cross-linking, which he underwent with Dr Pinelli in February 2015, and since then his eyesight has improved even more.

Since the first treatment with Dr Pinelli, I’ve become something of an expert on keratoconus and transepithelial cross-linking, also because I’ve always been  interested in everything that has to do with chemical reactions and phytotherapy. I’m fascinated by the beneficial effects certain substances have on humans, when used judiciously.  I was looking for another treatment to further strengthen my cornea, and that is what I found.

The image shows Andrea Fogli with some members of the SERI Lugano team. He stopped by with his parents to say hello and wish us Happy Easter. And as always when he comes to Lugano, he never passes up the opportunity to spoil us with delicacies which we simply cannot resist.

Andrea is now considering the possibility undergoing another operation, just this time not to treat keratoconus, but to either eliminate or reduce his mixed astigmatism. Meanwhile, his father Roberto (a chemist) has made an appointment to undergo multi-focal refractive lensectomy to permanently eliminate his visual defect.

Further updates coming soon.