Discover with the Dr. Pinelli on TV Expansion the benefits of “non” vision surgery

13 April 2016
Dr. Roberto Pinelli – founder and scientific director of the Switzerland Eye Research Institute of Lugano – this evening, Wednesday, April 13, 2016 will be at “The Future in the Eyes” aired at 20.30 on Expansion TV to talk about “non” vision surgery.
There are many interventions of “non” vision surgery that can solve the visual defects that afflict us every day. Dr. Roberto Pinelli will be interviewed live by the journalist Stefania Sartori on Expansion TV on the innovative use of photons that have transformed eye surgery into soft, fast, painless procedures, without stitches, irons or blades and all interventions in ” not “vision surgery that are proposed in SERI Lugano.
SERI Lugano is a reference center of excellence in Canton Ticino for surgical innovation in the field of ophthalmology, which offers solutions to all visual defects through procedures and treatments that are scientifically recognized and absolutely non-invasive and painless.
To learn more about “not” vision surgery, do not miss the show “The Future in the Eyes” broadcast this evening at 8.30pm on Expansion TV.