The superiority of bilaterality

7 June 2016
The best ocular surgeons in the world prefer to perform the operating procedures for the elimination of visual defects by acting on both eyes during the same surgical session; Dr. Roberto Pinelli, in an interesting interview appeared in the FOUR Ticino magazine explains the motivations that lead to this choice.
Many ocular surgeons operate one eye, and then intervene on the second, this choice is not supported by any scientific evidence, there is no evidence that delaying the surgery of the second eye at a later time is beneficial, indeed, bilateral interventions they are the standard of care in excellent ophthalmology centers.

Why intervene bilaterally?

The sight uses both eyes to send images of the two retinas through the corneas to the brain. The visual system uses both eyes simultaneously to transfer images captured from the retina to the brain. Each eye can live a life of its own but there is no doubt that in order to achieve a good vision it takes two in continuous communication with each other and with the outside world.