The security of good vision

16 September 2016

Mr. Lanza was born in Varese in 1977. He now lives in Stabio, a few miles from Mendrisio, in Switzerland. He is a security guard. He had severe long-sightedness (over 8 dioptres) and he also was astigmatic. Before coming to our institute, he had already consulted other eye specialists to try and solve his problem.

“Some doctors said they wouldn’t operate on me, because my hyperopia was too high. Others recommended a  phakic IOL (intraocular lenses) implant. Given the severity of my defect, no one would guarantee a satisfactory result with Lasik”.

After that, Emanuel came to the Switzerland Eye Research Institute in Lugano Paradiso.

“The first step was a very accurate pre-operative assessment. I went through a series of eye tests using state-of-the-art instrumentation, in a room which looked like a NASA laboratory, despite a lovely relaxed atmosphere. I was told right away that I could solve the problem that had affected my life so badly.  Dr Pinelli decided I was a candidate for Femto Lasik X-tra.” 

Mr. Lanza no longer needs sight glasses or contact lenses, and only occasionally wears a pair of low-correction glasses to improve his eye sight when he’s particularly tired.

“As a security guard, I could not wear sight glasses, and with my severe astigmatism contact lenses did not totally solve my problem. I had to wear contact lenses several hours a day, and they became really uncomfortable, apart from not being fully effective. Today, thanks to Dr Pinelli, I got rid of eye glasses and I’m very happy about that, also because I’ve become Dr Pinelli’s shadow, and I follow him on his journeys, at congresses and on various occasions in Lugano as well. I wouldn’t have been able to protect him as a person with imperfect eye sight!”

For further information on the Femto Lasik X-tra technique, which solved Emanuel’s problem, click here.