Traveling with light. The surgeon’s adventure working with photons

14 June 2017

The book will be on sale from 15 June in the main bookshops throughout Italy and the Canton of Ticino. If it is not available at the moment (not yet arrived, sold out) ask the bookseller to order it indicating author, title and publishing house: Roberto Pinelli, Traveling with the light, Mind Editions (distribution Messaggerie Books). It is also on sale in major online bookstores, including more than 18,000 vision surgery and hundreds of presences as chairman and speaker in all the most important conferences in the world, Roberto Pinelli, internationally renowned ophthalmologist, owner of an important clinic in Lugano, decides to write a book for everyone . The illumination in Engadine, after three days of total isolation and a particular clinical case, has unveiled the power and message of photons as a therapeutic and revealing medium towards quantum medicine but at the same time natural. In an immediate future the photons, already a biblical source of knowledge, will change the perspective of medi- ach. “Intelligent” photons enter the eye, treat visual defects and from there radiate into the body for the benefit of the entire body and the person as a whole holistic. A book of science that is also a text of reflection and meditation on the relationship between matter and spirit and, at the same time, an instrument of practical information on avant-garde methods and technologies already available to patients. Some testimonials of the book: Pippo Baudo, Marisa Laurito, Willy Pasini, Marco Columbro, Fabio Armiliato. For     > Acquista on-line su Amazon