Femto Lasik Lux® and…. you’re back on track!

17 July 2017

Mariangela Croci is 66. She underwent Femto Lasik Lux® to finally remove her hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia.
Born in Cremona on the 9th of February 1951, she studied Foreign Languages and Literature in Genoa and majored in English. At the age of 22 she met Anthony Carpenter at a party. She has always played the piano, one of her numerous passions, and has travelled extensively, to accompany her husband on his business trips. She teaches English in a secondary school in Milan, where she lives. She enjoys writing poetry, and gathered her poems in a collection entitled “Fili di luce” (Threads of light), published in 2013.
She is a very sensitive person and she says: “I chose Dr Pinelli because I felt we were on the same wavelength… we feel the same about so many things! What has made me take the decision about my treatment? My trust in Dr Pinelli and a secret dream: in a not so distant future, I’d like to go on a journey to the Amazon rainforest, and experiment with the medicinal plants of the Curanderos – I am very fond of holistic disciplines. It took my husband and me very little to understand that we were in the right place, with the right person”. https://youtu.be/SzUwjB5f3Zc> WATCH THE INTERVIEW