After 20 years with eyeglasses, I have defeated presbyopia with the Pinelli Presby Profile®

2 August 2017

Anthony Carpenter had always had good eyesight. At least till the age of 50, when he started to develop presbyopia and was forced to use reading spectacles. That was when he decided to see Dr Pinelli … For him, an engineer with a keen eye for detail, Dr Pinelli developed a personalised algorithm, in order to perform non-invasive, totally painless bilateral procedure, based solely on the three different types of light, using his Pinelli Presby Profile ® technique, with no knives or surgical instruments. Anthony was born in June 1945 in Dartford, England, where he lived until the age of 18. He then moved to London to study engineering. Throughout his career he worked in IT in different functions and businesses. He lived in England until the age of 28, but he often travelled for work, which is how he ended up in Genoa and met his wife Mariangela, who underwent a Femto Lasik Lux® treatment at SERi Lugano on the very day in which Antony himself received his treatment.  He has a 31 year-old-daughter who lives in Spain. And this is one of the reasons why he has recently developed a passion for the Spanish language, which he is now studying, together with other disciplines, all of which involve quite a lot time spent reading on a daily basis. At present he is retired and he teaches English at the University of the Third Age. He also organises group tours across Europe. He loves music and non-fiction literature. After retiring, he took a degree in philosophy. “I use a PC, read and write several hours a day. For me it was important to be able to do all that without using three different types of glasses. I first saw Dr Pinelli on a TV show, and when I met him in person I felt confident that I could trust his great experience and professionalism. My wife and I just looked at each other and said: let’s do it!”   > WATCH THE INTERVIEW