I still can’t believe it!

7 August 2017

Cristina Ragno is a pretty slender, blonde young woman. She loves arts and she reads a lot of fiction books and also essays, especially related to her profession of psychologist and psychotherapist.

When she first met Dr Pinelli she was sceptical about improving her eyesight. On the one hand, she wanted to find a solution to her vision problem but she couldn’t believe that her dream would ever come true.

Dr Ragno had 4 dioptres of myopia and 1 dioptre of astigmatism. She would wear contact lenses all day long, although she would occasionally be forced to replace them with glasses because of irritation caused by prolonged wear.

She was born in Novara and she now lives and works in Milan. And she is a great sports lover. She plays tennis and regularly takes part in 10K races.

Now she says: “I couldn’t stand my contacts any longer! I felt limited in what I could do, not just with my eyes, but with my entire body!

And yet, after her first suitability assessment dr Pinelli decided that Cristina was not ready for the operation yet. She had many doubts about the effectiveness of the doctor’s non-surgical technique, and could not believe it would use only light (photons) to solve several visual defects simultaneously.

“The patient’s motivation and expectations need to be assessed, just like his or her vision and eye parameters. If the patient isn’t happy or has mixed feelings about the treatment I prefer not to operate upon them, even when I know we could obtain excellent results. Even if patients are disappointed and insist on receiving the treatment. Dr Ragno came back after some time. Her attitude had totally changed: she was ready for the operation”.

And so, beautiful young doctor Cristina Ragno underwent a bilateral Femto Lasik Lux. Dr Pinelli performed the operation on both eyes in a single procedure.  Our video shows what happened before, during and after the operation.

During the interview, three months after the treatment, Cristina said: “This is a new world. I can drive with no glasses, day and night, play sports, even colours have become more … coloured! Everyone is asking questions and they’re all incredulous that I’m no longer wearing eyeglasses or even contacts, and everything has been so simple… no pain. I can see very well and …. I still can’t believe it!”     > WATCH THE INTERVIEW