“Dr Pinelli’s surgery fascinated me.”

4 October 2017

Sara Invernizzi, accustomed to not seeing well since childhood, had learned to live with a significant myopia. As a teenager she switched to contact lenses but then had to give them up because of corneal abrasions. Gifted with strength of character and determination to sell, she was successfully cured thanks to the Bates Method, a visual re-education that allowed her to recover most of the visual capacity. But beyond a certain limit she could not go: she could see better, but not yet sufficiently to allow her to live her life without glasses. So she decided to become a visual trainer herself. She learned visual rehabilitation, which became her profession, and applied it to herself. Surely surgery was an option not even to be considered! Until, prompted by the insistent questions of her patients, Sara turned to Dr Pinelli, partly out of curiosity, partly to see for herself what the procedure he proposed consisted of. Now she no longer wears glasses, not even when driving, thanks to the light, which she considers a fundamental ally in her work.

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