Great success with the public in Sant’Anna Clinic

4 October 2017

Great success with the public at the Sant’Anna Clinic in Sorengo (Swiss Medical Network) for the presentation of Dr. Roberto Pinelli’s book “Traveling with light.The adventure of the surgeon who works with photons “, Mind Editions.

Pinelli is an expert in refractive surgery, the specific discipline of ocular microsurgery aimed at the correction of visual defects. But it is both a strenuous supporter of the need to intervene on the eyes in the most natural way possible, without the use of blades or surgical instruments and in total absence of pain.

The founder of the Switzerland Eye Research Institute in Lugano Paradiso has illustrated to a diverse audience of doctors, curious and patient operated his idea about the link between photons, – how many light used during the non-surgical procedures patented to eliminate the defects visual and presbyopia – and biophotons, already theorized by the physicist Fritz Albert Popp, present within every cell of our organism. A virtuous bond that is not limited to ban the use of glasses and contact lenses, but radiates energy and well-being, through the eyes, to the whole person.

A book designed for people, with which Pinelli takes the reader by the hand on a journey between the biography, the popularization of science and the great questions of medicine.

Light, photons, eyes, health and quantum physics applied to medicine are the themes of the book, which does not lack a personal narration, references to personalities of the past and testimonies of patients, some very well known to the general public.