The new Retinal Protector RPinelli ™ integrator is born

27 October 2017

Keeping the eye healthy using only natural substances can be done today. From the collaboration between Dr. Roberto Pinelli and the Aliveda laboratories, which share the study for natural substances of plant origin, Retinal Protector RPinelli (TM) was born, a latest generation ocular integrator based solely on medicinal plants and natural substances. and made using only high quality raw materials. The supplement is designed for those who have healthy eyes, both for those 50/60 years want to increase the visual acuity of day and evening, both for those presenting an initial maculopathy, both for those who, after having undergone a intervention to correct visual defects and eliminate glasses, it still needs to protect the eye and the retinal structure. To do this in a totally natural way, Dr. Pinelli and Aliveda thought of a powder supplement. This choice is not casual: sipping the mixture – which is also pleasant on the palate – ensures the eye, through the sublingual vessels, not only a greater absorption, but also faster than that of capsule or tablet supplements. There are four main components: lutein, resveratol, blueberry and centella asiatica. Lutein is concentrated mainly in the retina, so it is essential for the health of the eye. It also promotes the prevention and containment of maculopathy. Resveratrol is an antioxidant with recognized anti-aging properties. The blueberry is known because it protects the eyesight and above all protects and tones the capillaries in general, but also of the eye and therefore subretinal. Finally, the novelty: the centella asiatica, in fact, is almost never used for the eyes, while instead it is excellent for the prevention of retinal edema and to keep the retina dry. The combination of these four substances makes Retinal Protector RPinelli (TM) perfect for maintaining a healthy retina, for myopic or for those predisposed to maculopathy.   > Scopri di più sul sito ufficiale Aliveda Vision