“Traveling with the light”, presented in Milan the book of Dr. Pinelli

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“The true surgeon is the light, I have become a channel”. According to the studies of Dr. Roberto Pinelli, the light, introduced into our body through the eyes and at a low frequency, helps not only to treat different visual defects, but also improves the quality of life. The numerous patients of the founder and scientific director of the Switzerland Eye Research Institute (SERI) in Lugano, Dr. Pinelli, yesterday starred, together with the “photons”, of the presentation in Milan of his book “In viaggio con la luce”, a ‘ work that focuses on the science told by a doctor who has decided to wear the role of the writer, who accompanies the reader in a “journey with the light”. View the video: http://www.telecolor.net/2017/12/viaggio-la-luce-presentato-milano-libro-del-dottor-pinelli/

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