A Re-Appraisal of Pathogenic Mechanisms BridgingWet and Dry Age-Related Macular DegenerationLeads to Reconsider a Role for Phytochemicals

26 August 2020

International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2020.08

This prestigious molecular biology journal has recently published a multicenter study of a new approach to the pathogenesis of macular degeneration. The peer-reviewed scientific paper – the fruit of extensive and painstaking research – highlights the important role played by the first retinal layer, the pigmented epithelium, in the genesis of retinal disease and its virtuous relationship with certain phytochemicals. The term “phytochemicals” refers to substances with intrinsically chemical properties that are non-synthetic (i.e. not produced in the laboratory) but rather are derived directly from natural plant substances. The role played by these substances confirms that sound scientific principles lie behind nutraceutics, and that its use in ophthalmology is invaluable in the metabolic and catabolic processes of photoreceptors.