The retina is a layer of nervous tissue that lines the back of the eye, whose function is to capture images and then send them to brain. Light signals are captured in the retina by a special type of nervous cells called photoreceptors.

The central area of the retina, called macula, is functionally the most important. The macula provides clarity of vision and is used for reading and discerning details in what we look at. This explains why diseases of the macula have an immediate negative impact upon vision.

The main retinal diseases
Retinal disease is known as retinopathy and presents different symptoms according to where the retina is affected. Diseases affecting the centre of the retina, called maculopathies, result in the loss of visual acuity, whereas diseases of the peripheral retina usually affect the field of vision, resulting in a loss of lateral vision. The most common retinal diseases are macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and retinal detachment. Under the scientific guidance ofDr Roberto Pinelli, an eye-surgeon and researcher with decades of experience in the field, SERI – Switzerland Eye Research Institute offers state-of the-art solutions to treat the most common retinal diseases.

Timely, targeted treatment
The earlier retinal pathologies are diagnosed and adequately treated, the better the outcomes.

A thorough eye examination is crucial in order to provide the patient with an accurate diagnosis of the disease. It should take into account prior surgery and seek to maximise visual acuity also by improving metabolic and life-style factors.

The treatment of retinal disease has made enormous advances in recent years. A wide range of options is now available to address a variety of situations, from eye drops to pharmaceuticals designed specifically for laser treatment, to microsurgery.

SERI offers a highly qualified diagnostic service geared to defining the most appropriate course of treatment with the help of dedicated specialists. Patient progress is monitored throughout the course of the disease and the treatment plan is adjusted accordingly.

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