Pinelli Presby Profile® 

The solution for the Presbyopia

Strictly speaking, presbyopia (long-sightedness, also far-sightedness) is not a sight defect, but a natural process caused by the passing of time, in which it becomes increasingly difficult to focus on written letters at close range, such as when we send an SMS, select an item from a restaurant menu, check the doses on a medicine packet. It forces us to reach for our reading spectacles. Over time, our glasses will become necessary also for typing on the computer, and eventually driving too.

Dr Pinelli has developed and patented a variation on the LASIK technique, which in turn has led to the creation of a new surgical procedure known as Pinelli Presby Profile.

The technique is effective in the treatment of presbyopia because as a result of the operation a non-spherical cornea is created. This is the only corneal curve capable of achieving good results for both close- and long-range vision with one swift, pain-free operation.

The characteristic of this surgical procedure is that it allows the treatment not only of patients who have displayed no visual defects prior to the onset of the presbyopia (emmetropic patients), but also patients who, alongside the presbyopia, have other sight problems, such as myopiahypermetropia, and astigmatism (ametropic patients). Thanks to the new corneal curve, which is tailored to match the morphological and visual characteristics of the patient, previously worn glasses can be discarded.

The Pinelli Presby Profile® technique is in every respect an exciting new anti-ageing treatment which can turn the clocks back a long way.

The newly acquired independence from glasses and lenses and a much more vital look in the eyes are an immediate result.

Pinelli Presby Profile

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