The Switzerland Eye Research Institute is committed to providing ophthalmic treatments, both in the clinical and surgical fields. These reflect the most advanced scientific approaches and guarantee standards of excellence and quality. We take the utmost care to establish a straightforward and personalised relationship with each patient as an individual, with whom we work closely to achieve his or her specific therapeutic objectives.

non invasive solutions using light to resolve visual defects

  • The therapy we provide, be it medical or surgical, is always in keeping with the most innovative, safe and effective scientific developments;
  • The use of the very latest sophisticated diagnostic and surgical technology;
  • The specific professional training of those who work within the Institute;
  • Providing the patient with accurate, clear, and timely information regarding their clinical condition at every stage of the treatment process, devoting as much time as the patient needs for the consultation;
  • The objective of ensuring the psychological well-being of each patient and those accompanying them during their stay in the Institute and throughout their treatment;
  • Sharing an institutional culture aimed at the pursuit of excellence, fostering the development of refractive surgery and vision science;
  • Attention to patient satisfaction, both from the technical point of view (effectiveness of the results) and from the psychological point of view (assessment of motivation and expectations and caring for the complex individuality of the patient);
  • The continuous development of innovation in ophthalmology, shared with the international scientific research community.