What is hyperopia?

Hyperopia (also hypermetropia, long-sightedness, farsightedness) can be considered the opposite of myopia. In hyperopia, insufficient corneal curvature causes images to focus behind the retina, even in young people. As a result, distant objects can be seen clearly, but close up they become blurred. In order to have clear vision, the point of focus has to be moved forward, and this is achieved by means of positive lenses that make the rays of light converge on the retina.

How can hyperopia be corrected ?

SERI Switzerland Eye Research Institute offers a range of solutions to resolve this eye problem, among which specific laser eye surgery for the correction of hyperopia.

In most cases the treatment recommended here will be the amazing Lasik Lux® technique developed by Dr Roberto Pinelli. After using the excimer laserto reshape the curve of the cornea, the synergistic combination of riboflavin and exposure to UV-A rays is used to strengthen the corneal tissue.

However, patients have different corneal shapes. The pre-op examinations carried out by the Institute’s highly qualified specialists will help you understand which treatment option is the best for you. Patients with a very thin corneal surface are most often offered the ASA X-tra (Advanced Surface Ablation) technique, which uses excimer laser to correct the condition and has the additional advantage of the riboflavin and UV-A rays reinforcing effect.

As with many procedures offered at SERI, the solutions for hyperopia are designed to be fast, painless and bilateral, which means that the defect is corrected in both eyes during the same operation.

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