What is astigmatism?

A sight defect caused by the irregular curvature of the cornea, astigmatism results in light rays from an object not being refracted evenly on the cornea, and therefore producing different degrees of focus at different points. People suffering from astigmatism have difficulty focusing both at a distance and close up.

How can astigmatism be corrected?

Not all corneas are the same. An in-depth pre-operative evaluation will be performed by our specialists to identify the best corrective technique for each patient. Under the scientific direction of Dr Roberto Pinelli, SERI has developed several innovative techniques to correct refractive errors and solve the problems caused by astigmatism. In most cases the solutions offered by the Switzerland Eye Research Institute use excimer laser for the correction of astigmatism.

One of the most popular laser treatment is the Lasik Lux®. In addition to reshaping the corneal surface with excimer laser it also strengthens the cornea thanks to the synergistic action of riboflavin and exposure to UV-A rays.

Patients suffering from only a mild form of astigmatism can benefit from one of the most advanced and innovative solutions available today, which SERI can offer on an exclusive basis: Avedro’s PiXL.

For patients with a very thin corneal surface the ideal solution is the ASA X-tra (Advanced Surface Ablation), which also offers the additional advantage of the riboflavin and UV-A rays reinforcing effect.

Astigmatism surgery at SERI is usually a bilateral procedure, performed on both eyes during a single operation.

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