What is the retina?
The retina is a layer of nervous tissue that lines the back of the eye, whose function is to capture images, which are subsequently sent to the brain. Light signals are captured in the retina by a special type of nervous cells called photoreceptors.

Retinal lesions
Retinal detachment is caused by damage to the retinal tissue (a hole or a tear) which may result from the collapse of the vitreous humour, a gelatinous mass that fills the eyeball.

For various reasons (heat, sweating, injuries) the vitreous gel loses its water component and contracts like a squeezed sponge, gradually detaching from the retina and finally breaking it.

If it is detected early, retinal detachment can be avoided by applying an argon laser barrage. If the process does not stop, true retinal detachment can occur: part of the vitreous fluid leaks underneath the retina through a large retinal tear, causing the retina to detach.

What are the symptoms?
Retinal detachment symptoms most frequently include:
– seeing sudden flashes of light (photopsia);
– seeing floaters (myodesopsia);
– a reduced visual field and the appearance of a shadow that tends to increase progressively
– and finally loss of central vision.

How can retinal injuries be treated?
If retinal detachment has occurred it must be treated surgically, and the sooner the procedure is performed, the faster the patient will recover. When retinal tears are detected early enough, an outpatient laser treatment programme may suffice.

Unfortunately these injuries are often asymptomatic, which is why one should undergo regular examinations of the fundus of the eye – this holds true for everyone, but especially for higher-risk individuals such as high-myopia sufferers.

Seri Lugano offers a full range of eye care services to diagnose and treat retinal injuries. Under the scientific direction of Dr Roberto Pinelli, SERI will help you select the best solution to your problem and will support you throughout the recovery process with the assurance that comes from on-going professional development and learning.

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