The Switzerland Eye Research Institute was founded in Lugano in late 2013 by Dr. Roberto Pinelli, a researcher and eye surgeon with many years’ experience, and who is world-renowned for having developed new surgical techniques for the correction of vision disorders and for the invention of chemical formulations patented internationally and acquired by multinationals in the ophthalmic sector.

SERI Lugano is a referral centre of excellence in Ticino for research and surgical innovation in ophthalmology, offering solutions to all vision disorders (including presbyopia) via scientifically-recognized surgical techniques which are completely non-invasive, always bilateral and absolutely painless both during and after surgery. Dr. Pinelli has developed a non-surgical procedure that enables the ophthalmologist to avoid the use of surgical instruments or knives at any stage of the treatment. This procedure harnesses the power of light and is known as the Femtolasik Lux®.
Alongside the main area of intervention of refractive surgery, a branch of ophthalmology that deals with the surgical correction of vision disorders, the Switzerland Eye Research Institute plays an important role in the diagnosis and personalized treatment of retinal diseases and in a sensitive and skilful approach to younger patients and their parents.


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