SERI has a dedicated Paediatric Ophthalmology Service whose function is to assess visual capacity and visual defects in children and identify any related disorders. In addition to correcting refractive errors, it also plays a key role in monitoring ocular motility, a key factor to achieve optimal vision in the adult.

The personal characteristics and the specific needs of each individual child play a key role in the patient-centred approach adopted by SERI.

At SERI Lugano Paediatric Ophthalmology Unit all eye exams and diagnostic tests are carried out by specialist staff trained to welcome the child in a joyful and peaceful setting and foster a collaborative relationship with a view to minimising children’s distress. The team who takes care of the younger patients and their parents includes an eye doctor, an orthoptist and a vision psychologist.

Orthoptics is a key component in the case management process. Children who need vision therapy due to muscular, nervous or sensory deficits of the visual system are assisted by a young and competent orthoptist who will easily win their trust.

The orthoptist is responsible for the prevention, assessment and treatment of visual defects as well as carrying out specific diagnostc tests to detect motility disorders (for instance strabismus) and visual disorders (for instance amblyopia, commonly known as “lazy eye”).

At SERI the orthoptist works in close contact with and under the supervision of the eye doctor, who is responsible for treatment decisions and for defining the correction needed to restore the child’s vision. When visual defects affect cognitive functions and learning abilities, vision therapy sessions are run by both the orthoptist and the psychologist working together.

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