New approach to foveal holes: Light, sound and nutraceuticals

31 March 2023

Ophtalmology Times Europe

This article presents a very interesting clinical case which further validates the research work already started by Dr. Roberto Pinelli and his research group at the Switzerland Eye Research Institute in Lugano on the therapeutic combination of light, sound and specific phytochemistry in the treatment of retinal pathologies. This is the combined administration of light and sound with nutraceuticals to the retina of a seventy-nine-year-old patient who presented in 2021 with an idiopathic macular hole caused by vitreous degeneration with traction of the fovea. Synergistic non-invasive treatment with pulsatile stimulation with sound and light and oral intake of phytochemicals had a remarkable effect on the retinal anatomical architecture of the macular hole. The anatomical recovery was almost complete about 1 year after diagnosis and the start of treatment thanks to the delivery of calibrated photons through photobiomodulation according to the Lugano Protocol and low-frequency acoustic stimulation, close to infrasound. The structural healing of the macular hole was concomitant with a strong improvement in visual acuity (from 2 tenths to 9 tenths natural) and with the resolution of the metamorphopsia. Dr. Pinelli believes that specific wavelengths activate the autophagy pathway in the retina, stimulating recovery from traumatic neuronal damage. He said: “Among the many biochemical cascades that regulate neuronal integrity in the retina, the autophagy mechanism plays a critical role in maintaining cell survival and supporting retinal anatomy, including plasticity. This is consistent with the involvement of impaired autophagy in the production of a variety of retinal disorders.”