18 October 2022

No more surgical instruments to remedy the most common vision problems. Simply the energy developed by smart photons lies at the heart of the innovative procedure proposed by the Switzerland Eye Research Institute of Lugano. The Femtolasik Lux ® is a non-invasive, “no-touch” procedure which, at no point touching the eye with any instrument, uses three different light sources to resolve any visual defect in a few minutes and is completely pain-free.

Dr. Roberto Pinelli was the first ophthalmologist in Ticino to use a femtosecond laser at the Switzerland Eye Research Institute in Lugano, which he founded and directs. The femtosecond is a measure that expresses the speed of transmission of intelligent photons. With an accuracy in the order of billionths of a second, these photons gently brush against the surface of the cornea to free it of its outermost layer. A second laser is then employed, an excimer laser, to shape its curvature to restore visual capacity to those who are short-sighted, astigmatic, hypermetropic and even presbyopic.

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