The Switzerland Eye Research Institute, under the direction of Dr. Roberto Pinelli, is constantly contributing at an international level to the advancement of refractive surgery by means of applied scientific research.

Roberto Pinelli launched this research in Italy in 1998, when he was Director of the Institute for Ocular Laser Microsurgery. In December 2014, he sold the clinic to dedicate himself exclusively to the activity of ophthalmologist and ophthalmic surgeon in SERI Lugano, where he further devised and developed new surgical techniques.

One such example the P-Curve, developed by Dr. Pinelli in the early 2000s for the treatment of presbyopia, which in Switzerland benefited from further improvements to lead to the latest Pinelli Presby Profile®, the only non-surgical technique that uses just photons to eliminate presbyopia.

This is a “no touch” technique, because it uses only light to shape the curvature of the cornea and thereby eliminate the need for glasses. This mild and painless procedure consists of three distinct phases, during which three different light emissions irradiate the eye structures with photons without the need to make incisions or use surgical instruments.

There are in addition new therapeutic treatments, such as osmotic transepithelial cross-linking for the treatment of keratoconus, and new drugs: for example ParaCel®, eye drops that allow UV-A rays to penetrate into the cornea without removing the epithelium – used in the treatment of keratoconus.

The work of Dr. Pinelli with his team has led to innovations that have become part of the daily clinical practice of surgeons worldwide. Several patents have been acquired by American multinationals that have marketed the products that today are used by thousands of ophthalmologists.

Dr. Pinelli firmly believes in non-invasive eye procedures, and his techniques make photons – infinitesimal quanta of light – the real eye surgeons, thereby obviating the need for surgical scalpels and incisions. At the same time, he has been involved for some time in developing products for the well-being of the eyes that use only the purest substances that nature places at our disposal.


Presbyopia is not exactly a sight defect, but rather is a natural process caused by the passage of time……


An eyewash developed by Dr. Pinelli designed to enable the necessary amount of riboflavin to penetrate into the corneal stroma …


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The research work launched in Italy by Roberto Pinelli in 1998……

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